Recipe: Poached eggs on a bed of tomato sauce

Today I would like to share with you a quick brunch recipe that I have modified from a dish I discovered at Boston Tea Party Cafe in Bristol. The cafe serves excellent breakfast and brunch food (eggs benedict/royale/florentine, croque monsieur etc.) and I want to have it all, it’s so tasty. The original recipe for the egg dish I’m talking about today, however, is a potato and chorizo bake, but unless you already have leftover roasted potatoes it’s a bit fiddly. That is why I cook a version of it in a pan. It’s fast, filling and tasty. Once I came up of how to cook it for myself, I had it for breakfast everyday for a whole week. Nom nom nom…


Only 2 eggs here, cause I was cooking just for myself.


(serves 2)

~ 5 new potatoes (can be any potato, but adjust amount)

1 medium onion

1 large garlic clove, crushed

good pinch of chilli flakes

some chunks of slices of chorizo (if I don’t have it, or don’t want meat, I like substituting it with celery or courgette)

1 can of chopped tomatoes


4 eggs

Greek yoghurt

bunch of chopped chives


1. Thinly slice the potatoes. I recently discovered that I had a mandolin slicer tucked away in a drawer, and now I don’t know how I lived without it all these years. It’s great in this case, because you want the potatoes to cook evenly. Heat some oil in a pan and gently fry the potatoes until they soften (3 – 5mins depending on the thickness of slices).

2. Since the potatoes take a little while, I like to chop the onion and chorizo (or vegetables) while they cook. Once the potatoes are cooked through add chopped onion, crushed garlic and a generous pinch of chilli flakes. Bear in mind how uch spiciness you can take, and how spicy your chorizo is, if you’re using it (you don’t want to blow your head off). Fry until onion is soft.

3. Add chorizo or a vegetable of your choice a minute or more after the onion. If you’re adding chorizo, you only need to heat it through, but if you’re adding a vegetable you might want to add it right after the onions so it has enough time to cook.

4. Add the canned tomatoes. Increase the heat so that the sauce starts bubbling. Season and stir. 

5. Crack the eggs on top of the bubbling sauce and cover with a lid for 1 – 2 minutes. Do not leave it for longer, because the yolk will set, and it’s not going to be as tasty (part of the point of this recipe is runny yolk mixing with the sauce, mmmm). You only need for the whites to set, so you can poke the whites every 30 seconds or so to check if it’s set enough for your taste.

6. Once the egg whites are set, serve the dish with a dollop of Greek yoghurt, which balances the spiciness of the sauce. Don’t forget to sprinkle on some chopped up chives. And that is it. Dig in.

Om nomnomnomnom 🙂


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