Bike Rage: Cycling in UK

It so happened that this year I fell into a job (no other way to describe it). That’s why I have been quiet. I am so tired all the time, I can barely force myself to make dinner. Yet I’ve been feeling quite guilty for not writing for so long. So here, have a rant.

For the last month I have been cycling to work. Well, not all the way to work. That would be silly, since my work is about 40km (25 miles) away. Instead, I cycle to and from the train station and, oh boy, it’s pretty frustrating.

First of all, I’m not one of those “professional” cyclists, who wear tights and shiny jackets and have fancy space bicycles.


“We are the cyclists. Mere rules do not apply to us.”

I do not cycle because I want to save the planet. I cycle because it saves me money (which I then blow on books, hah!). Surprisingly, it’s also quite fun. Even at 8am in the morning. I know, I must be crazy. The only thing that’s rubbish is the pedestrians and the traffic. Oh, and the so called “cycling paths”.

The “cycle path” I take every morning is actually also the pavement. There are signs and everything, but since all the paint has worn off ages ago I don’t think pedestrians even know it’s supposed to be a cycle path as well. So they pay absolutely no attention to bikes. I think they haven’t seen enough bike accidents, as apposed to cars, so they think my bike is made out of clouds. Ringing the bell is absolutely useless, since people don’t react, or they start looking up and around as if I’m going to descent from the bloody sky! (It all makes sense, since I have a “cloud” bicycle.) I  get a really strong urge to mow them down. Especially the school kids. I’m sure they’re worth points.

I won’t even start on car drivers, who don’t indicate because it’s nobody’s business where they’re going. I have to always expect somebody, a person or a car, move in an unpredictable way. I wish I had telepathic powers – that would help. As it is, it makes a rather invigorating exercise, especially in the morning. I just need to remember to have some caffeine before I leave the house!


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