What do you do with a ball of yarn?


If I had a cat, my problem would be solved.

Here it is, the object of my indecision! A ball of yarn that has been plaguing my thoughts for the last month or so. I received it from a friend as a Christmas present, and I love it.  The colour is deep and rich, the yarn is soft and shiny; it’s a lovely blend of merino wool and silk. Yet I am completely at a loss, because I have no idea what to knit with it.

I only have this one ball, so obviously my project has to be relatively small. Hat, socks, gloves, scarf… I list in my head. I have a lot of scarves though. Too many even. There is one I knitted a year ago and still haven’t found the time to block it! Not a scarf then. What about socks? I must admit the idea of silky socks sounds luxurious. I remember I have a pattern, that I saved on my laptop ages ago…


Baudelaire socks by Cookie A.

The socks are beautiful and elegant, and… red! Plus they have a wonderful literary name – Baudelaire . The only problem is I wouldn’t know where and how to wear them. I feel like I would have to get a special pair of shoes to wear them with, because it would be a crime to treat them as any old socks. How durable is wool and silk anyway? I am beginning to think that these kind of socks are primarily for lounging around, which in my head translates into ‘mostly pointless’. They are very pretty, but should the form win over functionality?

Another option would be to knit a hat. The way the weather has been, however, I don’t think I’ll have a proper chance to wear it. What’s more, I have a collection of non-knitted hats that I wear pretty regularly. I’ve tried to look for a pattern and so far only found one pattern that I quite liked. The main reason why it appealed to me was that I already have a red scarf in a similar pattern (the same one that’s waiting to be blocked, ha!), so potentially they could be friends.


Now imagine it in red.

Yet I’m not particularly enamoured with it. It’s… nice. I’m not wowed, and I want to be wowed.

So, I guess, I’ll have to keep staring at this ball of yarn for some time, until inspiration hits. I would appreciate any suggestions, however. Even poke at my reasons at discarding the options above. In short: HELP!


One thought on “What do you do with a ball of yarn?

  1. What I do with my ball of yarn? I watch it pile up, with it’s fellow yarn ball brethren, in the corner of my craft room. Maybe my little ball of yarn isn’t too lonely due to it keeping company with the hundreds of other yarn balls is has been introduced to over the years. Oh well, I hope they’re happy there.

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