New Year, new words

Here it is: yet another New Year, and inevitably New Year’s resolutions. It’s a great date, like that Monday next week when you are going to start exercising. New beginnings often include lots of false starts. That is why I never made any New Year’s resolutions before. Why wait if you can start there and then?

Last year had a lot of false starts for me (and lack of starts, which was even more frustrating). Therefore, contrary to my usual disregard towards New Year’s resolutions, I made some. I thought it was time to give myself a kick into my backside Baron Munchausen style. One of the goals was to start writting both of my blogs again.

Gotwifery will get an injection of knitting, since I’ve been doing that, but not sharing with anyone. I have some exciting projects in mind, and hoping you will give me some suggestions too.

Zero Gravitas is my other blog that focuses on science fiction. My goal last year was to read through Hugo and Nebula awards winners and blog about them, but I got distracted by other shiny books. I’ve set some more reasonable reading goals this time, so I hope it works out.

So here we are. This is a blog post. I’ve started on my resolution. Now the only trick is to keep it up, hah!


Bike Rage: Cycling in UK

It so happened that this year I fell into a job (no other way to describe it). That’s why I have been quiet. I am so tired all the time, I can barely force myself to make dinner. Yet I’ve been feeling quite guilty for not writing for so long. So here, have a rant.

For the last month I have been cycling to work. Well, not all the way to work. That would be silly, since my work is about 40km (25 miles) away. Instead, I cycle to and from the train station and, oh boy, it’s pretty frustrating.

First of all, I’m not one of those “professional” cyclists, who wear tights and shiny jackets and have fancy space bicycles.


“We are the cyclists. Mere rules do not apply to us.”

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