Cocking-up Curry (Following recipes is for wimps)

In the last few years I have developed a taste for Indian food, and in the last couple – started dabbling in cooking it. From rajma (red kidney bean curry) taught to me by my Indian ex-housemate to carrot theplas (unleavened bread) from some internet page. If made properly, Indian food can be a stunning explosion of taste and smell. However, ‘properly’ hasn’t quite entered my Indian cooking vocabulary yet. Only recently, while looking up a recipe, I was pleasantly surprised that for once I had all the required ingredients. So, you know, the land of ‘properly’ is still a while away. That doesn’t stop me from experimenting and cutting a million corners. For me cooking is a bit like alchemy – you put everything into a pot and hope it doesn’t explode in your face.

Recently I have found a lovely blog on Indian cooking called eCurry. It not only has recipes for curries, but various salads, pancakes, breads, rolls/sandwiches, etc. and a very useful guide to Indian spices. The diversity of the recipes was what appealed to me the most. I have previously attempted an Indian Omelet, and it was easy to make and delicious! Try it!

So when an old friend of mine came to visit me over the weekend, I thought I should make something special for dinner. I decided on Indian, of course (any excuse to experiment). After checking what I had in the fridge, I settled on making a Chicken Curry in Fenugreek and Yogurt Sauce. You marinate the chicken, fry it up with onion and spices and then add the marinade as the sauce. Sounds pretty simple…

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